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Discover Stunning Sao Miguel With an Expert

Azores Food Tour

Azores Food Tour

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Travel from Boston to Sao Miguel, the largest of the 9 Islands in the Azores. Book your own flight and go on an all inclusive culinary tour of the Island. Guests will taste and explore the best of the Islands mediterranean cuisine guided by chef Guida Ponte. Enjoy the best accommodations the Island offers. Sample local wine and dine while eating authentic dishes, fresh seafood, meats, deserts and more. You'll even have the opportunity to cook in an underground volcano. Visit pottery and liquor factories, tea and pineapple plantations,

Botanical gardens and more. Hiking and swimming at the Islands stunning locations along with spa treatments await you while touring with Guida. World class golfing and other activities on the Island or sea are available.

 It will be an unforgettable experience !

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