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I am now booking tours for 2020.


Also let me know if you have any special interests you’d like to pursue while on the island, including whale watching, deep sea fishing, hiking, biking,horseback riding, surfing, or Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding.

I will also tailor a tour around one of the island’s many festivals throughout the year.


Thanks for your interest.

I hope to see you on Guida's Azores Food Tour!

How to book your flight?

All tour guests should should book their own flights via Azores Airlines. We will give instructions on when to do so. The site changes periodically, so it’s best if all tour guests can book on the same day to lock in flights and fares.

Do I need a passport?

Absolutely! The Azores are part of Portugal, which is part of Europe. Please make sure you're passport is up-to-date. Also, it is always a good idea to also make a copy of your passport and keep it in your luggage.

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