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Amazing Food

Cook in a Volcano!

Taste "Cozido das Furnas," the Island's Signature Dish.
Forget your Crock Pot. Guida has a better idea in mind: Slow cooking in a volcano. No joke. The most celebrated dish on the island of Sao Miguel, "Cozido das Furnas,” is a pot of meat (pork, beef, chicken, sausage) and vegetables (cabbage, carrots, collards, potatoes, onions, taro) that is literally buried and cooked for about six hours deep in the steaming hot volcanic soil in Furnas Valley. It is an excellent example of island ingenuity. Guida will guide us as we shop for and prepare this meal, deliver it to its geo-thermal "stove" and later, savor every bite at nearby picnic tables.


Dine at the Islands best resturants and cafes. 

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